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We migrated our NFT from Ethereum to SmartBCH

⚡️Tokens 0-13 will exist on ETH. Tokens 14-7776 will exist on smartBCH.⚡️

Only 7777 Clergy-people will ever exist • If you can't beat them, buy them!

Meet Your New Masters

We are The Cathedral Collective. We represent a social class that dominates American Society and the world at large. We promote progressive values, and a commitment to equality and justice above everything, including your freedoms.

Now you can collect your favourite clergy-people of the Cathedral – including Professors, Writers, Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Politicians, News Media, Journalists, and Ivy League Intellectuals. We know what's best for the world. Mint an NFT today!

PRICE: 0.033 BCH each


  1. Launch – Release the Cathedral Collective Minting service.
  2. Giveaway NFT's – Select NFT Influencers and Thought Leaders will be given an NFT. Help us find influencers by tweeting #CathedralShill.
  3. Educate – Get more people to read about The Cathedral
  4. Staking – Build and integrate NFT staking with advanced reward incentives
  5. Airdrops – New collections as part of Cathedral Collective will support early buyers of our first collection.
  6. More Collections – Working with more artists we will release more NFT's which provide you with more knowledge.

Loyal Serfs


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